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About Us

We are one of the world’s professional organizers of international trade exhibitions and conferences. Our staff has more than 20 years of experience in organizing events in the world. Our events help customers to learn about markets and source products. Also, it enables small enterprises to become bigger and bigger in the world as well as large-scale enterprises to expand more and more. Our goal is to accelerate business through face-to-face events creating opportunities for them to learn and do business in a better way. When visitors and exhibitors meet each other in events, useful connections are made, common needs are discovered and the personal contact you gain from our exhibitions accelerates business for both customers and exhibitors. The nature of our work is to bring exhibitors and customers together for mutual business and to gain personal benefit. For achieving global market success, you can count on our exhibitions and conferences. We try to make win-win opportunities for both customers and exhibitors. In addition to organizing our own events, we are also interested in organizing trade shows as a joint project with local or international partners since combining abilities of partners provides a strong basis for organizing a more successful tradeshow. we also offer a wide range of related additional services to support both exhibitors and visitors, for example, hotel bookings, stand construction, visa preparation, etc. we believe our events are the best way for small, medium and multinational enterprises to expand their businesses into growing markets in Iran.

Tehran exhibition